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Welcome to Facebook Fun Apps! Its all fun here at xee fun apps

Top six chatters will tell which friends you have chatted the most.
Google Yourself and Check What Google Knows About You - FB Fun App
Coke your partner name. Share a coke with your partner.
What weight you contain? - Check what weight you contain  - Facebook app
What Time You Absolutely Sleep? - Find What Time You Absolutely Sleep  - Facebook app
Click Competition  - FB Fun App
Facebook Licence - Create Your Facebook Licence Card Now!
Which Politician you Resemble With? - Click here
Put Your Friends Names on Coke Bottles! Click here
Your Top 3 Friends? - Facebook Fun App
What kind of Best Friend you are? - Facebook app
What are the Hidden Secrets of Your Life - Its Fun. You will love it.
Which Car Suits Your Personality - Its Fun. You will love it.
Marriage Prediction - Check your marriage prediction
Create a Coca Cola with Your Name & Share it with Friends - FB Fun App
Get Your Facebook Degree - FB Fun App
Create Your Facebook ID Card Now - FB Fun App
Find Who Has a Secret Crush on You - FB Fun App
Find Your Coke Partner and Share a Coca Cola - FB Fun App
Find Friends Who Will Always Be There For You - FB Fun App
How Much Cool Are You? - Check how cool you are
Facebook Profile Analyzer - FB Fun App
How Much Sexy Are You? - Check how sexy you are
Find Your Lucky Number - FB Fun App
How Much Honest Are You? - Check how honest you are
Know Which Love Story Resembles Your Love Story - FB Fun App
Check How Much Are You In Love Today - FB Fun App
How Much Naughty Are You? - Check how naughty you are
Which Celebrity Your Partner Will Resemble - FB Fun App
How Much Lucky Are You? - Check how lucky you are
Find Where Will You Spend Your Honeymoon - FB Fun App
How Much Romantic Are You? - Check how romantic you are
How Many People Are Talking About You? - Xee fun apps
Facebook Passport - Create Your Facebook Passport Card Now!
Create Your Google ID Card Now!
Find Which Friend Cares For You The Most - FB Fun App
Find Which Tree Suits Your Personality
Find Which Friend is Lucky For You - FB Fun App
Find Why Boys or Girls are Crazy For You - FB Fun App
Find Hidden Meaning of Your Name - FB Fun App
Create a Lovely Photo Album With Your Friends - FB Fun App
Find How Sad are You Today - FB Fun App
Find the Hidden Qualities in You - FB Fun App
Find Which Cartoon Character Matches Your Personality - FB Fun App
Send Your Friends a Cool Friendship Cheque just for fun - FB Fun App
Find What Your Partner Will Do For You - Its Fun - FB Fun App
Jail Your Friend, Just For Fun - FB Fun App
Find Your Daily Horoscope - Facebook fun apps
How Happy Are You Today - FB Fun App